Cold war rivalries

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  • Topic 10
    • Four Berlin summits
      • Geneva- no solution reached
      • Camp David- no solution reached but Khrushchev agreed to withdraw the ultimatum
      • Paris- U2 spy plane incident occurred a few days before and Khrushchev storm out after he wasn't given an apology
      • Vienna- JFK did not withdraw US troops from West Berlin and US defence spending was raised to $3.5 billion. Khrushchev began to build the Berlin wall
    • U2 Spy plane
      • Spy plane disguised as a weather plane
      • May 1st 1960- Gary Powers was shot down and captured by the USSR
      • USA reacted by trying to cover up their intentions for the plane
      • The USSR demanded an apology but the US insisted it was for peaceful purposes
    • Development of the Berlin wall
      • First built from barbed wire and cinder blocks
      • The wall reached up to 5 meters in height and was soon replaced by concrete after people were fleeing to the West
      • Watch towers were built to shoot nd kill anyone trying to pas through the wall
      • The death zone between the west and east had gaurds who would shoot anyone without warning
      • It was 165km in length
    • Consequence of the Wall
      • Peace was maintained and war was avoided
      • German famlies were split
      • The arms race intensified
      • Tension in Europe increased
      • Berlin wall became a symbol of the Cold War
    • The space race
      • Sputnik 1 became the first satellite in space on October 4th 1957
      • 1959 USSR sent the first satellite to the moon
      • Yuri gargarin from the USSR became the first man in space
      • Laika the dog spent 10 days in orbit on Sputnik II
      • The USA succesfully put the first man on the moon in 1969
      • 1962 - USA had 63 space missions and USSR had 15


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