The Cold War Conferences

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  • Cold War Conferences
    • The Tehran Conference
      • Churchhill + Roosevelt + Stalin
      • 1943
      • Relationship was tense: no trust between the superpowers
      • they delayed opening second front in the war (splitting Germany)
      • USSR would declare was on japan after Germany was defeated
      • Nothing was decided
    • The Yalta Conference
      • 1945
      • Relationship Stable( Stalin and Roosevelt were friends)
      • Poland was now in the 'Sphere of Influence'
      • Germany was divided after the war
      • Once Germany was Defeated ( after the war) it would be reduced in size, demilitarized and made to pay reparations
      • Captured Nazis would be tried in international court
      • USSR declared war on Japan
      • The League of Nations became the United Nations
      • Churchill + Roosevelt + Stalin
    • The Potsdam Conference
      • 1945
      • Attlee ( replaced Churchill) + Truman ( replaced Roosevelt +Stalin
      • No trust in the relationships as they were new to each other and Truman being shady with the atomic bomb testing
      • Truman delayed there first meeting due to atomic bomb trials ( which no one knew about- made Stalin mad)
      • Set up Council of foreign Minister ( to rebuild Europe)
      • Hold Nuremberg trial for the Captured Nazis
      • reduce the size of Germany
      • Divided Germany and Berlin into 4 zones ( USSR, USA, GB + France)
      • Give USSR 1/4 industrial equipment ( least developed zone)


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