Begining Cold War

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  • Cold War
    • What is it?
      • American & USSR never declare war
      • Two sides soldiers never fight
      • Both new WW3 (Nuclear) would be unwinnable
      • Characteristics real war: Arms race
    • Confrences
      • Tehran
        • Iran
        • 28 Nov- 1 Dec 1943
        • Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt
        • A- Some kind of UN would be formed -Support independence of Iran
        • D-how to deal with former German solider after War           -War criminals -Stalin want Germany to pay reparations
      • Yalta
        • Southern Russia
        • 4-11 Feb 1945
        • A-  -How Germany separated -Ussr declare war on Japan
        • Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt
        • D- Poland under Soviet 'Sphere of influence' -Germany paying reperations
      • Potsdam
        • Just outside Berlin
        • July & August 1945
        • Stalin, Truman, Churchill (Attlee replaces as Churchill voted out)
        • A -Berlin divided into 4 -Germany pay reparations -United Nations
        • D - Atom bomb argued about  -Poland, whether go to Stalin or not


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