Coincidence Rule

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  • Coincidence Rule
    • Contemporaneity/coincidence rule states that the actus reus and the mens rea must occur at the same time, they must coincide.
    • Two occasions where this isn't the case, and two rules to prevent defendants evading liabilty.
      • First is the continuing act, that the actus reus occurs before the mens rea (Fagan).
        • Fagan ran over a police officers foot, then having realised he left the car there, AR was a continuing act during the MR was formed.
      • Second rule is referred to as a single transaction and occurs when the MR is formed before the AR is complete.
        • Thabo Meli - Victim beaten up, defendants thought he was dead at which they had the MR for murder and he wasn't dead, then they threw him off a cliff and he died then.


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