Reference refers to the use of pronouns such as my grandmas a babe. SHE loves me.

Identification refers to determiners such as the, this and that.

Elipsis refers to the omission of elements in a sentence My brothers are pigs. Rooms a bit of a mess. (their is omitted)

Conjunctions also known as connectives and but bevause however therefore link together parts of texts and indicate relationships between them.


Repetition is a simple cohesive device and makes your converation of topic not go of track such as I have great news. News you'll want to hear.

Collocation is when certain words appear together simply because of their association and link together such as ***** and span and if an actor was to talk of performances you'd think of words such as scene, role play, director, audience. This if effective as it involves the use of words that are already linked to the readers minds because of their meaning.

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  • Cohesion: Grammatical and Lexical
    • Reference
      • Grammatical
        • Identification
        • Elipsis
        • Conjunction
    • Lexical
      • Collocation
      • Repetition


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