Cognitive Model

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  • Cognitive Model
    • Faulty thinking
      • individuals on drugs have faulty thoughts and beliefs
      • faulty thoughts can affect mood and feelings of happiness. if an individual does not think they can be happy without the drug then they will take the drug to bee happy
      • individual my believe that they need the drugs which can be self fulfilling where they are unable to stop themselves from taking the drug because they think they can't.
      • Grant et al
        • found when addicts were struggling with cravings their prefrontal lobe was more active than those addicts not suffering from cravings.
          • prefrontal lobe is used for cognitive thoughts and decision making therefore addicts are using this inefficiently
    • Focussing on the positives
      • some addicts focus on the positives of drug taking and ignore the negatives such as being popular vs being out of breathe.
      • also when addictis focus on the positives it impairs their ability to make good long term decisions and only focus on immediate effects
      • Koski-Janes,
        • addictions form because the person has a short sighted way of dealings with stress and are unable to see past the short term pleasures = addiction
      • McCusker
        • drug addicts focused attention more  on things related to the drug they were addicted to. the more they thought about the drug the more they craved.
          • the drug had created expectations of pleasure and happiness showing why people maintain and relapse drugs
    • Cognitive Dissonance
      • humans dislike cognitive dissonance bxdcxecause it makes us feel uncomfortable. An addict will have to thoughts, 1. I am a smoker and 2. smoking will kill me.
      • this leads to smokers adding a third thought to counter out the other two such as I am still young I will give up when I am older or I will give up when I have children.
      • This then leads to addicts becoming more addicted and maintaining the drug.
    • iDA
      • Biological model is a better explanation for initiation however this is good at explaining maintenance and relapse
      • ignores important biological factors that have shows a key role such as dopamine.


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