Cognitive Interview

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  • Cognitive Interview (Fisher and Geiselman, 1992)
    • STEPS
      • 1.Report everything
      • 2.Re-create original context
      • 3.Change order of events
      • 4.Change perspective
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Milne and Bull (2002) - report everything and mental reinstatement gave best recall
        • Kohnken et al. (1999) - meta-analysis, 34% increase in correct recall
      • Limitations
        • Enhanced CI creates greater demand on interviews
        • Time consuming
        • Hard to evaluate because there are many versions of the CI
    • Applications
      • CI used in Brazil (Stein and Memon, 2006)
        • They tested the effectiveness of CI in Brazil and compared it to the current method of police interviewing (which involved interrogation and torture).
    • Individual Differences
      • CI works better than SI (Structured Interview)


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