Memory- cognitive interview

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  • Cognitive interview
    • Designed to improve retrieval of original memory
    • Gieselman et al: Showed Ps video of crime recall tested in different groups. 1) cognitive interview 2) Standard interview 3) Under hypnosis.
      • Condition 1 elicited more info. Replications confirmed findings (reliability)
    • Fisher: real police setting (Miami) Trained police to use CI
      • Significant increase in amount recalled (including incorrect) . Concerned about amount of time and incorrect info. Use CR and RE
    • Standard interview: police controller of content , structure, direction
      • Leading questions, force of choice, interruptions, disrupts normal memory
    • 1. Context reinstatement 2. Report everything 3. Recall from changed perspective 4. Reverse order
    • Gieselman: concluded children under 6 less accurate when using CI
      • Probably linked to not understanding questions. But, Holliday found CI did result in more details from children
    • Milne and Bull: developed Fisher's findings, tested CI singly and combination.
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