Cognitive factors - Psychological explanations!

Cognitive biases and deficits 

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  • Cognitive factors - Psychological explanations!
    • Cognitive deficits - People diagnosed with sch have difficulty in processing various types of information.
      • Sch patients attention skills may be deficient and they may appear easily distracted.
        • Difficulties in understanding other peoples behaviour might explain some of the experiences of those diagnosed with sch.
    • Cognitive biases - Can explain some behaviours that are regarded as sch symptoms:
      • Lindenberg et all 2002 - found a link between poor working memory and reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex.
      • Yellowless et al 2002 - developed a machine that produced virtual hallucinationswhich intended to show the sch their hallucinations werent real and therefore gave them more control over their symptoms.


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