Cognitive explanations of AN

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  • Cognitive explanation of AN
    • This approach suggests eating disorders are a result of faulty, maladaptive thought processes about self, food and eating.
    • According to this approach they display a number of cognitive errors associated with food , these are faulty assumptions about self , environment and situation.
    • Cognitive errors/distortions
      • Polarized thinking- 'no middle ground' in a persons thinking , people place things in either/or categories.
        • Examples- cannot see that their healthy weight is not overweight.
      • Over generalizable- come to a generalized conclusion over one specific event of incident.
        • Example- I want to look good like I did when I was thin.
      • Catastrophising-View small events as bigger ones, minimises significant issues to less significant issues.
        • Minimises the severity of their eating problems, maximising the effect food will have on body.
      • 'Magical thinking'- Believing problems will be fixed by reaching one specific goal.
        • Example- controlling their eating is the main goal of life 'everything will be ok if I'm thin.


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