Psychological Explanations

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  • Psychological Explanations
    • Cognitive Explanations
      • Metarepresentation
        • Ability to reflect on thoughts/behavior/self-awareness - without it cannot distinguish speech from thoughts - hallucinations
          • Bentall et al: SZ group could not distinguish between words they heard and words they thought of themselves
      • Stimulus Driven Behaviour
        • In response to an external stimulus leads to disorganised thinking
      • Willed Behaviour
        • Based on intentions and wishes that you choose - without it leads to avoliation
      • Symptoms of SZ can be explained by difficulty in processing info
      • Virtual reality used - lacks ecological validity
        • Might not be issue with willed behaviour but with lack of understanding of virtual world, time, memory problems
        • Biological factors not considered
    • Expressed Emotion
      • Negative emotional climate
        • Criticism, hostility and over-involvment
          • High EE levels linked to relapse
            • Not a causal factor but could be a contributing one to relapse
      • Linzen et al - high EE influence relapse. - Patients returning to high EE 4x likely to relapse
      • Cultural Differences - Gelfand - Zimbabwe - views hallucination as a good thing - better recovery rates
      • Does not explain cause of SZ
        • Ignores Biological factors - Joseph
        • Methodology - difficult to assess EE


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