Cognitive developmental theory

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  • Cognitive Development theories
    • Piagents theory of conversion
      • Gender concepts develop in a sequence which parallels cognitive changes taking place in the maturing rain.
      • During the concrete operational stage, children grow to understand the concept of conversion and aren't fooled by appearance.
      • Once the child understands conversion in inanimate objects, they are capable of understanding a change in a persons appearance does not change their sex.
        • Once its established children imitate same sex models and activities as they think that what their sex does.
    • AO2 Thompson -support gender identity
      • 2yr olds were 76% correct in identifying their sex, where as 3yr olds were 90% correct.
    • Salby and Frey- support gender stability.
      • Asked questions "were you a little boy or a girl when you were a baby?" , only recognised gender was stable when 3/4.
    • Salby and Frey-support gender consistency.
      • Asked "If you played football would you be a b/g?" - children who scored high on consistency showed greater interest in same sex models
    • Martin and Halverson- limitation
      • The children were adopting a 'pretend' mode, didn't say what they really thought (social desirability).
    • Bem's criticism- genital knowledge 40% 3-5 were capable.


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