Cognitive developmental theory

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  • Cognitive Development theories
    • Kohlberg's gender consistency theory.
      • Children are active agents , participate in developing and understanding of their gender.
      • Develop and awareness of gender appropriate behaviour through their gender identity, they are masters of their own gender socialisation.
      • There discovery that they are m/f causes them to identify with their own sex.
    • Piagents influence.
      • The way we think changes as we get older, due to physical changes in the rain.
      • Changes in gendered thinking are solely the outcome of age related changes on the child's cognitive abilities.
      • They naturally progress from one stage to another as their thinking matures.
    • The three stages
      • Gender identity- Outward appearance determines whether were m/f.
      • Gender stability- Consistent over time but not across situation.
      • Gender consistency- stable across time and situation


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