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  • Cognitive Approach
    • How you thinking is organised
    • What you think about
    • How you interpret  or act on info.
    • What conclusions you reach
    • Limitations
      • The cognitive model suggests it is the patients fault and and situational are factors are irrelevant
      • The way you think could be the cause or the consequence could be the cause
      • Irrational beleifs may be realistic
    • Michenbaum
      • You say unhelpful things to yourself
    • Beck
      • You automatically think negative + wrong thoughts
    • Ellis
      • Irrational aasumptions
      • The ABC approach
        • Activation of event, beleief, consequence
    • Research methods
      • Smith + Glass
        • Found CT had the 2nd highest average success rate out of 10 different therapies
      • Thase et al
        • Compared CT with biological therapies and found CT had simialr results to medication


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