cognitive explanation of abnormalities

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  • cognitive theories of abnormality
    • schizophrenia
      • Frith      inability to generate willed action inability to monitor willed action and inability to monitor beliefs of other
      • due to functional disconnection between frontal area of the brain concerened with action
    • abnormal affect
      • negative schemas tend to have a pessimistic view       cognitive triad:       1.negative view of self     2. negative view of world 3. negative view of future
    • addictions
      • certain personalities have characteristics which predispose people to develop addictive personalities
    • phobias
      • DiNardo dog phobics 1/2 had a fear with encounter 1/2 had an encounter but no fear
      • due to the interpretation of an event rather than an event itself
    • ocd
      • cognitive aspect of OCD is linked to the obsessive thoughts.
      • due to childhood experiences that have taught them that some thoughts are dangerous and unacceptable and this have affected  their thoughts processing network


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