Cognitive Interview

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  • The Cognitive Interview
    • Better than the Standard Police Interview
    • Four main techniques are used
      • 2. Report Everything
        • say every detail, even trivial
        • saying everything can be cues that trigger other memories
        • small details from multiple witnesses can make a bigger picture
      • 3. Change the Order
        • interviewer says to recall the events in a different order
        • Schemas mean we filling blanks of what should occur
        • Prevents lies
      • 1. Mental reinstatement
        • mentally recreate the environment of the incident
        • from psychological research eg. Baddely people need cues
      • 4. Change Perspective
        • people asked to recall from different perspectives
        • disrupts schema
    • Enhanced CI
      • develop a rapport
      • reduce anxiety
      • ask open ended questions


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