Cognitive Interview

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  • Cognitive Interview
    • A set of instructions given by the interviewer to the witness to reinstate the context of the original event
    • It is time consuming, for young children they find the questions confusing
    • It can be difficult to replicate exactly
    • Based on the work of Elizabeth Loftus
    • Report everything - reporting all information regardless of how trivial it may seem
    • Context Reinstatement: Recreating the scene in the mind of the witness, sights smells etc. based on the concept of cue dependent memory
    • Recall in reverse order: Different orders for recall, e.g starting halfway through and working backwards
    • Recall from a different perspective: Viewing the scene as others may have seen it
    • Geiselman reccommends that it is not used on children under the age of 8
    • Kohnken et al found that the CI gets on average 34% more detail
    • Difficult to apply to many different police forces as they all use it differently


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