Cognitive explanation of schizophrenia

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  • Cognitive explanation of schizophrenia
    • Assumption
      • Schiz. can be explained via thought processes and making sense of them
        • E.g. auditory loop damage = hearing voices. Don't recognise their thoughts as their own
    • Failure of attentional filters
      • Lessen number of stimuli that is irrelevant to us
        • Without it, world would be noisy and chaotic like it is for schizophrenics
          • Schizophrenics fail to block out things that are irrelevant to them due to failure of these filters
    • Context
      • Frith: schiz. caused by failure to understand the context of a situation
        • Caused by under activity in the frontal lobes
          • Fail to understand beliefs/intentions of others = paranoia
            • Summerfelt - paying schizophrenics led to them completing card sorting task quicker as it had context and meaning
      • Hemsley
        • Don't use schemas properly
          • Don't have this shortcut on how to behave
            • Makes new situations difficult to understand
    • Logic
      • Try to find an explanation for thought/ voice - wrong conclusion
        • Illogical to us but logical to them
    • Maher
      • Schiz. look for an explanation for thoughts - wrong conclusion
        • Logic applied - further incorrect conclusions created
          • Patient settles on this as it's better to have answers about where the thought came from
            • Believe they are worthy because they hear these voices
              • Differences in thinking


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