Cognitive explanation of dysfunctional behaviour

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  • Cognitive explanation of DB
    • Making sense of mental /cognitive processes
      • Frith: schizophrenia is caused by failing to appreciate the context of a situation
      • Find it hard to understand the beliefs and intentions of others - caused by hyperfrontality
      • Summerfelt: if schizophrenics are paid for a certain task, they perform it quicker
        • This is because it now has context and meaning
      • Damage to auditory loop - don't recognise their thoughts as their own
    • Inaccuracies about how the world works
      • Leads to misunderstandings and DB
      • Inaccuracies form a self-fulfilling prophecy - this is a belief someone has, which influences their behaviour in such a way that their belief comes true
    • Logical despite their experiences
      • Maher found that schizophrenics look for an explanation for a voice they hear/thought they have
        • Come up with the wrong conclusion
          • This attempt to apply logical is illogical to us but logical to them
            • DBs are caused by illogical conclusions
    • Beck
      • Aim: to understand how those with depression think
        • Design: matched pairs
          • Procedure: interviews with depressed patients undergoing therapy. Reports of thoughts before, during and after sessions
            • Diaries brought in by depressed patients
              • Records kept of non-depressed patients verbalisations
                • Findings: depressed people showed themes of self-blame, low self esteem and paranoia - saw themselves as inferior
                  • Conclusion: depressed patients have cognitive distortions in their thinking that deviate from realistic and logical thinking


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