Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBTp)

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  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBTp)
    • It helps to identify and challenge their faulty cognitions.
    • NICE (2014)
      • They said all schizophrenics should be offered this treatment.
      • They recommend 16 sessions.
      • Sessions take place every 10 days
    • How it is delivered?
      • It can be done in groups.
      • It is mostly done on a one-to-one basis.
    • Its relies on the patient to be active as they are set 'homework'
    • How does it work?
      • Assessment: They express their thoughts and they set reasonable goals.
      • Engagement:Therapist empathises with the patient and their distress
      • ABC Model: Activating event (A), Belief (B), Consequence (C), thoughts can then be disputed and changed.
      • Normalisation: Explains that other people have got through the same thing.
      • Critical collaborative thinking: They use gentle questioning, no distress is caused
      • Developing alternative explanations:Patient develops their own alternative explanation.
    • Develop links between patients thoughts and feelings and their general levels of functioning.


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