Cognitive approach

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  • Cognitive approach
    • Basic assumptions:
      • Mind actively processes info from senses.
      • Human info processing is similar to that of a computer.
        • Machine reductionist
        • Computer model
    • Role of schemes:
      • Schemas are packages of ideas and info developed through experience.
      • Act as a mental framework for the interpretation of incoming information received by the cognitive system.
      • Building blocks of learning.
      • Become more complex as you get older.
      • Schemas help you respond to objects appropriately- schema for a chair is something with 4 legs that you sit on.
    • Use of models:
      • models are used to study internal mental processes.
      • Computer model: input from senses, processing from thinking, output is response and storage is memory.
      • Information flows through the cognitive system in a sequence of events: input, storage and retrieval.
    • Strengths
      • adopts scientific procedures to develop and test theories.
      • Use of models (computer) helps us understand mental processes.
      • Scientific and objective approach
      • Less deterministic than other approaches
      • application to everyday.
    • Limitations:
      • Machine reductionist


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