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  • Cognitive Approach
    • Evaluation
      • strengths
        • scientific and objective
          • controlled and rigorous  research - emerged with bio = credible & scientific basis
        • everyday life application - research applied in many contexts
          • artificial intelligence - revolutionise future lives
        • less determinist
          • soft determinism -  limits but still free to think before responding
            • behaviourist - passive slaves to environment
              • flexible middle ground of free will and determinism
      • limitations
        • machine reductionism - computer analogy criticised
          • human emotion and motivation influence recall - isn't considered in info models
        • lacks external validity
          • observation only - too abstract and theoretical
            • research - artificial stimuli
    • Assumptions
      • mental processes should be studies (contrast to behaviourist)
      • inference
        • can't be observed so studied indirectly - making inferences based on behaviour
      • theoretical models
        • info flows through sequences of stages (MSM)
      • computer models -  programmes that can be run on computers to imitate the human mind
      • schema - info developed through experience
        • 'mental framework' for interpretation on new info
          • Babies - simple motor schema (sucking & grasping) Adults - more developed and sophisticated
      • cognitive neuroscience- influence of brain structure on mental processes


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