The Cognitive Approach

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  • Cognitive Approach
    • Assumptions
      • Behaviour can largely be explained in terms of how the mid operates.
      • The mind works in a manner which is similar to a computer; inputting, string and retrieving data.
    • Strengths
      • The cognitive approach used rigorous scientific methods to investigate behaviour.
      • Has many useful applications.
      • Has contributed to our understanding of human phenomenon and has integrated well with other approaches.
    • Weaknesses
      • Can be over simplistic, ignores other complexities of human functioning compared to that of a computer - deterministic.
      • Unrealistic - studies often lack ecological validity.
      • Ignore emotion and freewill in humans.
    • AS Studies
      • Loftus and Palmer.
      • Baron-Cohen.
      • Griffiths.
    • A2 Studies
      • The HBM.
      • Locus of Control.
      • The Cognitive Interview.
      • Loftus.
      • Alloy.
      • Beck.
      • Elkin.


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