Core Theory of Cognative Development - Psychology

Core theory of cognative development in psychology

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  • Cognitive Development
    • Sensori-motor  Stage 0-2
      • Body Schema: Infant recgonises it exists (can recgonise a photo/mirror)
      • Motor Co-ordination: Learns to move hand to mouth
      • Object Permanence: knows an object/person still exists even if cannot be seen
    • Pre Operational Stage 2-7
      • Animism: Treating objects like living things
      • Reversibility: Unable to work backwards in their thinking
      • Egocentrism: Seeing and thinking the world only from one perspective
      • 3 Mountains Experiment: Test to see whether child can identify different points of view. Centration and decentre (can focus on more than one thing)
    • Concrete Operational Stage 7-11
      • Linguistic Humour: Starts understanding and enjoying word games and double meanings
      • Seriation: Ability to put things in rank order
      • Conservation: Know the properties of certain things stay the same even if it appears to change
    • Formal Operational Stage 11+
      • Develop life long ability to think and solve sophisticated problems. Abstract, Hypothetical thinking




A colourful mind map which summarises Piaget's four stages of cognitive development - definitely one for the wall!



How has this been teacher recomended when the author can't spell cognitive? 

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