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  • Coasts
    • Protection
      • Groynes
        • Wooden barriers parallel to beach
        • Prevent longshore drift
      • Rock Armour
        • Rocks placed at base of cliffs
        • Reduce the power of waves
      • Sea wall
        • Large wall parallel to coast
        • Reflect waves back
      • Drainage pipes
        • Pipes in cliffs
        • Stop cliff from slipping and ground becoming saturated
    • Landforms
      • Bays and headlands
        • Headlands are hard, resistant rock slowly being eroded by waves
        • Bays are soft, less-resistant rock quickly being eroded
      • Spits
        • Longshore drift forces sand away from coastline
        • It continues out until waves curves it at the end
        • Plants grow and it becomes permanent
        • Salt marsh builds up behind it
      • Erosion created
    • Longshore Drift


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