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  • Coasts
    • Waves
      • The fetch= The distance the wind blows over the water
      • The stronger the wind, the longer it blows for, the longer the fetch.
      • Swash= Energy carried upshore
      • Backwash= Energy returning to the sea
    • Erosion
      • Hydraulic action= The waves force water to crash into rocks
      • Attrition= The rocks end up as pebbles and sand on the beach
      • Solution= The water dissolves soluble material from the rocks
      • Abrasion=  Rough seas fling pebbles against the rocks. The pebbles act like sandpaper
      • Long-shore drift= The transport of eroded material along a beach
    • Definitions
      • Spit= Beaches stick out joining one coast to another
      • Bar= Spit connects to another bit on mainland
      • Tombolo= Spit that connects the mainland to an island
    • If there is a crack in a cliff, it can start growing/eroding and eventually turning into a cave. That cave will continue to grow due to hydraulic action and abrasion and then would turn into an arch. But as that grows it becomes less stable and it collapses. This leaves a stack of rock in the sea. After a while that stack will erode and fall over creating a stump. This is repeating, growing into the mainland.
    • Protecting coastlines
      • Seawall, Groynes, Gabions, Rip-rap, Planting vegetation, managed retreat.


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