Coastal System

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  • Coastal system
    • Waves
      • As reach shore circular motion, wavelength and velocity decrease,forward motion=steepens
      • Constructive
        • low waves, long wavelength, low frequency, weak backwash insufficient force too pull.
      • Destructive
        • High waves, steep, high frequency,powerful backwash, steepens beaches.
    • Tides
      • Neap- Sun and moon opposite (90) small tide range
      • Spring- When sun and moon aligned
      • HWST     HWNT    MWL            LWNT               LWST
    • Sediment source and cells
      • Sediment cell is an area in which LSD moves sediment nearshore zones broken by litoral drift dividers (11 England)
      • Sediment sinks are where sediment transport paths meet sediment build up
      • INPUT - erosion, river, waves,deposition.
        • TRANSFER - LSD, Currents, Saltation
          • STORES - Estuary, Dredging, Beaches, Dunes, Bars, Canyon.


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