Coastal Landforms from Erosion

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  • Coastal Landforms from Erosion
    • Headlands are generally very resistant however many have cracks.
      • As waves crash into headlands, they increases the sizes on the cracks - hydraulic action and corrasion.
      • Repeated erosion and increased cracks causes a cave to form.
        • Constant erosion causes the cave to deep and break through the headlands to form arches
          • Erosion contiously wears away the rocks and causes the arch to collapse
            • This causes a stack - an isolated rock that is seperate from everything else.
              • The stack is eventually worn away and creates a stump which are often covered by the water at high tides.
    • A cove is a wide,circular bay with a narrow entrance.
      • They're formed when there is band of hardrock and behind that is a band of soft rock.
      • If there is a weakness in the band, it form an eroded gap.


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