Coastal Landforms caused by Erosion

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  • Coastal Landforms caused by Erosion
    • Wave Cut Platforms
      • erosion happens at the foot of the cliff to form a wave cut notch
        • the notch becomes unstable and eventually collapses
          • collapsed material is washed away and the process happens again
            • Repeated process leads to a retreating cliff and a wave cut platform left behind
    • Headlands and Bays
      • Some rock types are more resistant to erosion than others
        • headlands and bays from where erosion resistance alternating
          • Bays form when the less resistant rock erodes quickly forming a gentle slope
            • The resistant rock erodes more slowly and is left jutting out forming a headland
    • Caves, Arches and Stacks
      • Headlands have weaknesses that when are eroded form cracks
        • repeated erosion of hydraulic power and abrasion enlarge the cracks forming caves
          • continued erosion deepens the cave until it breaks through the headland forming an arch
            • erosion continues to wear away the rock supporting the arch until in eventually collapses forming a stack


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