Coastal Erosion - Holderness coastline, East Yorkshire

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  • Coastal Erosion - Holderness coastline, East Yorkshire
    • Reasons
      • Easily eroded rock type - cliffs mainly made up of boulder clay, easily eroded by abrasion and slumps when wet
      • Powerful waves because of a long fetch and because the coast faces the dominant wave and wind direction
    • Impacts
      • Social
        • Around 30 villages lost since Roman times
      • Environmental
        • Some sites of special scientific interest are threatened e.g. the lagoons near Easington
      • Economic
        • Visitor numbers in bridlington dried by 30% between 1998-2006
        • Many caravan parks at risk of erosion. Seaside caravan park at Ulrome losing 10 pitches a year.
        • £2 million spent at Mappleton in 1991 to protect the coast
        • 80,000 square metres of farmland lost each year


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