Coastal Management Strategies

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  • Coastal Management
    • Groynes
      • Wooden or stone fences at right angles to the coast.
      • Trap material transported by longshore drift.
      • Areas further down the coast are impacted by having less sediment.
    • Sea Walls
      • Concrete walls to reflect waves back out to sea.
      • Can create a strong backwash- sediment removed from the coast.
      • Prevent cliffs from being eroded.
    • Beach Replenish-ment
      • Sand and shingle from sea bed added to the upper parts of a beach.
      • Wider beaches- protects cliffs.
      • Very expensive and needs to be re-done every 20 years.
    • Industry and Tourism
      • Quarrying for limestone.
      • Gravel taken from Chesil beach for use construction.
      • Coastal footpaths along the cliff tops are gradually worn down.
        • Underlying soil exposed to weathering by wind and rain.


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