Geography - Coastal Flooding Case Studies

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  • Coastal   Flooding
    • Norfolk Coast
      • Causes
        • High Spring Tide
        • Strong Northerly Winds
        • Area of Low Pressure
      • Effects on People
        • 200 houses evacuated before flood
        • 152 houses and businesses were damaged as a result.
        • Drinking water contaminated => flooding of sewers
        • Killed 2 people
        • Most of the houses were on the coast => fell into sea because of mass movement
      • Effects on the Environment
        • Damage to sea defences, chalets and beach huts in the area
        • Rats in flooded properties
        • 239 Sea Otters stranded because of 18m waves
      • Location
        • North East of England
    • Chiswell, Portlland
      • Location
        • South of England
      • Effects on People
        • 25, 000 people cut of from mainland
        • 18m waves crashed on 3 storey building        => smashed windows & flooded area
        • Road to Portland closed twice in winter
        • Farmland flooded
      • Effects in Environment
        • Lowland areas flooded
        • Headlands and beaches washed away
          • Water weakens area
      • Causes
        • Storm Surge
        • Rising Sea levels.
    • 1) Coastal Flooding: Is the inundation of land close to the sea by sea water.
    • 2) It is when low-lying land is flooded by water.
    • 3) Causes include tsunamis and reclaimed land.
    • 4)Storm Surges are sudden rises in sea levels caused by string winds in hurricanes and cyclones.
    • 5) Strong winds create large, powerful waves that can overcome sea defences
    • 6) If rising sea levels doesn't flood coastline, waves will.
    • 7) These storms are most dangerous during high tide since sea level would have already risen.


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