3.5.2 Co-ordination of action between specialised cells

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  • Co-ordination of action between specialised cells
    • Nervous Co-ordination
      • Nature of communication:Nerve impulses
      • Mode of transmission: Nerves & Neurones
      • Dispersal: Targeted at specific organs
      • Areas of Effect: Specific, individual organs affected
      • Speed of transmission: Fast
      • Duration of response: Short
      • Speed of response: Fast
    • Hormonal Co-ordination
      • Nature of communication: Chemical (hormones)
      • Duration of response: Long
      • Speed of transmission: Slow
      • Areas of Effect: Many organs may be affected
      • Dispersal: Dispersed throughout the body - only affects target organs
      • Mode of transmission: Through circulatory system
      • Speed of response: Slow


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