Causes of Green house gasses

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  • Causes of the greenhouse effect
    • Carbon dieoxide (CO2)
      • CO2 is not a very powerful green house gas however is important due to the abundance of it
      • the reason for increase is the growing increase of fossil fuel combustion and the destruction of vegetation (deforestation)
      • sources of methane are combustion of organic compounds and respiration
      • The ocean is also a large carbon sink through large amounts of photosynthesising and respiration. With increasing global temperatures the ocean will be able to absorb less CO2
    • Greenhouse gasses Trap outgoing long wave infrared radiation leading to increased global tempretures
    • Methane (CH4)
      • Caused by increased population of ruminant animals through farming practices (cows) increased area given over to landfillls and increased are given over to rice paddy
      • Sources are anaerobic bacteria in marshes and guts of ruminant animals decomosition of organic material and leakage from gas pipes and coal mines
      • More powerful greenhouse gas than CO2 but less of it in the atmosphere


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