Transport in Cells

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  • Transport in Cells
    • Diffusion
      • It involves particles moving from an area of high concentration to low concentration.
      • Happens in solutions and gases
      • The bigger the concentration gradient the faster the diffusion
      • A higher temperature also increases the diffusion rate because the particles have more energy so move faster
      • Cell membranes allow small molecules to diffuse through them.
        • The larger the surface area of the membrane the faster the diffusion rate because more particles can pass through at once.
    • Osmosis
      • The movement of water particles across a partially permeable membrane
        • From an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
        • A partially permeable membrane is a membrane with very small holes so only tiny molecules like water can pass through
    • Active Transport
      • Particles are absorbed against the concentration gradient. From a low to high concentration.
      • Needs ENERGY for it to work
        • The cell gets this from respiration.
      • Used to move things that would move out of the cell if following diffusion.
        • Used in plants to move minerals into the root hair cells.
          • Mineral ions are needed for healthy growth of the plant.
        • In humans nutrients is taken from the gut to the blood even when the level in the blood is higher than the blood.
      • Carrier proteins are used to move the substances


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