Club Dance

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  • Club Dance
    • Origins
      • Chicago - 1980s. Dub, jazz and synthpop motifs were layered over a disco bass.
      • The recording and mixing technology developed to create new styles.
    • Styles
      • HOUSE
        • Lots of repetition
      • TECHNO
        • Usually between 130-150 bpm.
        • Mechanical and electronic.
      • JUNGLE
        • 170 bpm.
        • Drum based with strong, deep bass line.
    • Music Technology
      • MIXING
        • Similar records mixed together to create continuous dance music.
      • SAMPLING
        • Snippets of other tunes in the record. Distortion changed the sound of a sample.
      • LOOPING
        • Short patterns of notes of rhythms are repeated.
        • Reverb, Echo.
        • Vocoder - makes human voices sound synthesized.
        • Make a track in perfect time - robotic sound.
        • Building a song by recording lots of tracks over each other.
        • i.e. synthesised/real instruments, electronic sounds, samples.
    • Remixes
      • Mix in samples e.g. chorus hook line or bass riff.
      • Change of texture - stopping the drum/bass for a few beats and having it 'kick back in'.


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