Club Dance

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  • Club Dance
    • Types of Club Dance and their Musicians
      • Acid House : The Shamen
      • Techno : Juan Atkins
      • Drum 'n' Bass : Roni Size
      • Garage : So Solid Crew
      • Trance : Sasha
      • Ambient : The Orb
    • Key Features
      • Evolved out of disco music in the 1970s.
      • Played in Nightclubs
      • Dance moves are improvised on one spot.
    • Instru-mentation
      • Music is controlled by a DJ
      • Drum machine : electronic machine that replicates percussion instruments.
      • Mixing Desk : device to combine different audio signals which can be manipulated.
      • Sampler : to manipulate and alter samples.
      • Synthesiser : device that has a keyboard attached to manipulate sounds and add digital effects.
      • Sequencer : device that plays back performance data.
      • Decks : turntables for playing vinyl records.
      • Vocoder : device that combines a vocal track with synthesised sounds to give it a 'robotic' effect.
    • Digital Effects
      • Reverb : gives music the effect of being recorded in a resonant space.
      • Delay : echo.
      • Panning : alters the placement of sound from left to right.
      • Distortion : alters the sound of an instrument to appear rougher and more aggressive.
      • Remix : reworking elements of a song to create a new track.
      • Collage : combining various sounds from different sources or samples to create a piece of music.
      • Overlaying / Overdubbing : Adding tracks to previously recorded material.
      • Multi-tracking : Recording two or more tracks separately, then combining them.
      • Quantatising : fixing notes into a rhythmic grid - then increasing rhythmic accuracy (but loosing some expression.)
    • Musical Features
      • Fast tempo
      • 4/4 time signature
      • Loops (in the drums and melodies repeated in the bass line)
      • Repeated chord patterns.
      • Repetitive harmonies.
      • Texture built up gradually
      • Samples (short chunks of recorded sound, often taken from a different track. May be a spoken, sung or instrumental or sound effect melody or phrase.) Often repeated many times with FX applied.
      • Synthesised timbre, which sound artificial and electronic.
      • Regular phrase lengths, 4 and 8 bar phrases.


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