The clown punk

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  • Clown punk
    • Higher class writer
      • Stuck up, looking down
      • Mocking him
      • Warning his children about him
    • "Let it rain"
      • Imperative (figurative) cleansing
      • Can never fully forget
      • contradicted with "remember"
    • Punk era
      • Brain washed by it " dyed brain"
      • Personal choice
      • Jumping to conclusions- judging stereotypes
    • Dehumanised
      • Similie-  "like a basket of washing that got up"
        • Not cared about
      • Seen as worthless
      • "pixel" a character not a real person
      • "daft mush"
    • Warning to children
      • Affect of life choices
      • Ridicule (hiding fear with laughter)
      • Against tattoos
        • Cannot be removed by rain like their memory
    • "daubed" carelessness/ ugliness
    • Poet judging upper class


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