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  • cloning
    • plants
      • tissue culture
        • where a few plant cells are put in a growth medium with plant hormones.
          • this creates a clone of the first plant
        • can be grown quickly
        • not a lot of space needed
        • can be grown all year
        • used by scientists to preserve rare plants that don't reproduce often enough.
      • cuttings
        • cuttings can be taken from a good parent plant and ten it can be planted to make a genetically identical plant
        • simpler than tissue culture
        • quick and cheap
    • animal cloning
      • adult cell cloning
        • this involves taking an unfertilized egg celland removing its nucleus
          • then an adult body cell nucleus is taken and is inserted into the empty egg cell.
            • this egg cell is then stimulated by shocking it to make it divide
              • when the embryo is a ball of cells it is then inserted into an adult females womb
      • controversies
        • the gene pool reduces over time so the alleles are lost
        • if a new disease appears then all of the cloned organisms will be wiped out
        • the offspring has a chance of being unhealthy
      • pro's
        • it can help scientists understand the embryo nd age related disorders
        • can help preserve endangered species


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