Cloelia the hostage

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  • Cloelia the hostage
    • act of peace
      • Romans gave the king of the Etruscans 10 male and 10 females hostages
    • Cloelia and a group of girls escape by swimming the Tiber to Rome
      • made sure they all got back to their famillies
      • shows bravery, leadership and courage
      • eluded the guards
        • clever
    • The Etruscan king was furious and demanded that the girls returned
      • if they didn't go back this would be a declaration of war
        • she showed duty to her state by putting states needs in front of her own
    • When Cloelia returned to the Etruscan king he realised how corrageous and admirable she was
      • he gave her the prize of leaving with half the hostages
      • She takes the male hostages because she feels they're most likely to be harmed by the Etruscans
      • respected by the king
    • The king made an equestrian statue in her honour
      • first female, resected


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