Bill Clinton

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    • Background information
      • 42nd President
      • President from 1993 to 2001
      • New Democrat
      • Two term president
      • Won 43 % of the vote against Bush in 1993
    • Domestic and foreign policy
      • "Don't ask don't tell"  was a contreversial step to full gay military control
      • Failed "Clinton Health Care Plan"
        • Republican part won control of congress after this
      • Successfully passed welfare reform
      • Also successfully passed the "State Childrens Health Insurance Programme"
      • Created the William J Clinton foundation
      • Family and medical act of 1993
        • Allows unpaid leave for pregnancy/serious illness
      • 1993 announced his plan to raise taxes to cap the budget deficit
      • North America Free Trade Agreement
      • Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 cut taxes
      • Adoption and safe families act
      • Foster Care independent act
      • Balanced budget act of 1997
    • What were  relationships like with the Supreme Court the Executive, and Congress?
      • May 19 1993 he fired 7 employees of the White House Travel Office causing the "White House travel office" contreversy
      • Impeachment
        • The house voted to impeach him
        • Lewinsky Scandal
          • Lied about his relationship with House Intern Monia Lewinsky (Age 22)
            • Perjury
            • Sexual harasment claims
        • Lame-duck session in 1997
      • Democrat President, republican dominated Congress
        • Many of his appointments were delayed or not approved
      • His second term, the relationship became acrimonious
      • Congress began a 5 year investigation of Clinton's involement in a real estate deal dating back to 1978


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