Clinical Psychology - Key Words OCR

Key terms from clinical psychology specification. 


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  • Clinical Key Words
    • Abnormality
      • Statistical: Abnormality referring to behaviours which are statistically infrequent. Said behaviours deviate significantly from average , seen as abnormal
      • Social Norms: Behaviours that break society's norms. Sid behaviours deviate from social rules or moral standards
    • Reliability
      • The consistency of a method as it is applied to the participants, measurable by the ability to replicate and also the consistency of the results found
    • Validity
      • Measuring what you claim to measure, and having findings based upon real situations and behaviour.
    • Types of Data
      • Primary: Data which is original that has been collected by those witnessed an event or have collected it for a special purpose.
      • Secondary: Second hand analysis of primary data (pre-existing) which has been collected by someone else.
    • Schizophrenia
      • A psychotic mental disorder in which an individual loses touch with reality. It's characterised by symptoms, typically hallucinations


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