Characteristics of Schizophrenia (ICD)

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  • Clinical Characteristics of Schizophrenia (ICD)
    • One symptom from Group 1 or at least two symptoms from Group 2
      • Present for at least 1 month
    • Group 1
      • Thought echo, insertion, withdrawal or bradcast
      • Delusions of control, influence or passivity; delusional prerceptions
      • Persistant delusions that are culturally inappropriate or impossible
      • Hallucinatory voices: running commentary, discussion of patients, or from another body part
    • Group 2
      • Persistent hallucinations in any modality accompanied by half-formed delusions or overvalued ideas
      • Neologisms
        • Breaks in train of thought, resulting in coherence or irrelevant speech
      • Catatonic behaviour
        • Rigid limbs etc.
      • Negative Symptoms
        • Apathy, paucity of speech, emotional response numbed or blunt


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