Classification of Schizophrenia

ICD 10 and DSM IV

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  • Clinical characteristics of Sch!
    • DSM IV
      • Disorganised - must have: disorganised speech, inappropriate emotions and no catatonic symptoms.
      • Residual - presence of negative symptoms.
      • Paranoid - preoccupation with 1 or more delusions or hallucinactions, no disorganised speech
      • Catatonic - strange voluntary movements
      • Undifferentiated - variations between symptoms.
    • ICD 10
      • Paranoid - delusions / hallucinations.
      • Hebephrenic - mood is shallow and inappropriate. Drive and determination is lost and aimless.
      • Catatonic - mutism, bizarre posture, waxy flexibility.
      • Undifferentiated - dont satisfy one but elements from each.
      • Post schizophrenic depression - had sch in the past 12 months and has some symptoms still present but mainly depressive symptoms.
      • Residual - negative symptoms.
      • Simple sch - development of oddities, inability to meet demands of society.


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