Symptoms of SZ

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  • Clinical Characteristics of SZ
    • Duration
      • symptoms persist for 1-6 months depending where you are (UK or USA)
      • persist over time, all other medical problems are ruled out
    • Hallucinations
      • experiencing things in an absense of stimuli
      • .i.e. visual, auditory or tactile (seeing things, hearing things, feeling things like being suffocated)
    • Social/ Occupational Dysfunction
      • Symptoms are causing you problems
        • .i.e.cannot keep a job, failing/quitting school, nt maintaining a relationship
    • Negative Symptoms
      • loss of language, affective flattening, depression
      • Affective Flattening ~ flat mood, loss of emotions and emtional response
    • Dennis Has Schizophrenia, Do Not Stress Dennis
      • Positive Symptoms ~things you do because you are ill
      • Negative Symptoms ~ things you stop doing because you are ill
    • Delusions
      • .i.e. persecution (paranoia of poisoning) or grandeur (God-like powers)
      • mis- interpretation of senses
    • Disorganized Speech
      • speech is disorganised, it makes sense to the person but not the listener, word salads
      • chaotic speech, because thinking is disorganised and chaotic
    • Disorganised/ Catatonic Behaviour
      • chaotic behaviour because thinking is chaotic, violating social norms, muscular rigidity
      • Catatonic State ~ blank, meltdown mind (only some not everyone)


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