Global Warming Notes!

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  • Climate Change- Personal Notes
    • What is The Green House Effect?
      • The Greenhouse effect is the effect of gases in the Earths atmosphere trapping the sun heat, causing the atmosphere to warm up.
      • The impact of rise in Sea levels could be that people living on islands will have no homes and have to move somewhere else.
    • What is Global Warming?
      • Global Warming is the gradual increase in the world temperture
    • The Three Most Common Green house gases are: Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Chlorotluorocarbons
      • Tackling Climate Change:
        • Reducing, refusing and recycling products
          • Greenhouse Gases
            • Water Vapour: Common Greenhouse gas, occurs naturarly
              • Carbon Dioxide: Main Contrubior of Climate change and is released by human activites such as burning of fossil fuels
              • Methane occurs when vegeation is burnt
        • Walk to public places- instead of driving there
          • Insulate your home
      • Main cause of Global Warming is Human actibity
    • Natural Causes of Climate Change:
      • Earth Orbital Changes
      • Volcano Eruptions
    • Evidence of Climate Change
      • Sea Levels  Rise: Since 1900 sea levels  have rosen to 17 cm
      • Glaciers Retreat:: Glaciers are retreated almost everywhere in the world.
    • Global Issues: Foods,shelter,water and health


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