Climate change

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  • Climate Change
    • What was the Kyoto Protocol?
      • A scheme set up for industrialised countries to cut their carbon emmissions
    • Burning fossil fuels increases the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
    • build-up of gasses could impact the global temperature
      • The gases allow more of the sun's rays to enter the atmosphere
      • absorb solar radiation when it is reflected back which traps heat.
    • CFC
      • powerful greenhouse gas
        • deplete ozone layer
      • banned in many countries
    • effects
      • temperatures could rise by 5.8degreesC in 100 years
      • melt icecaps and glaciers
      • affect weather patterns
    • solutions
      • need to meet the increased demand for engergy
        • without burning fossil fules
        • renewable energy/ sustainable energy
          • preservation & conservation
  • droughts/ floods/ hurricanes
    • affect weather patterns


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