climate change

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  • climate change
    • evidence of climate change
      • Long term
        • ice cores
          • Scientists drill deep into ice
          • analyse gases
          • they can gage the temperature each year and see how its changed
        • pollen analysis
          • Pollen is preserved in sediment
          • Pollen can be identified and dated to show when it was released
          • indicates that conditions were the same
        • sea level change
          • volume of ater stored as ice
          • rasied beaches have been found - they can be date
          • thermal exapnsion
        • tree rings (dendrochronolgy)
          • if conditions are good tree ring will be thick
          • can take cores
          • can date up to 10000 years ago
      • short term
        • weather records
          • constantly been collected since 1861
          • can be used to shows detailed changes over a short period of time
        • polar ice melt
          • reduction in amount fo ice at both poles - behaviour of opolar
          • extent of polar ice - changes in increased melting and increased tempreatures
        • ecosystem changes
          • changes in temp - affect availabilty of food and shelter
          • effects species - where they live
    • causes of climate change
      • variations in earths orbit
        • stretch
          • the orbit of the earth become more elliptical
            • changes about every 96,000 years
          • this changes the distance away from sun
        • Tilt
          • tilted on an axis
          • changes between 21.8 to 24.4
            • over about 41000 years
          • changes the amount of energy
            • when the tilt if larger more energy will get to the areas such as the tropics
        • wobble
          • on a cycle about 22,000 years
      • variations on solar output
        • suns output isnt constant
        • sunspots (darker areas on the sun) increase solar output
        • increase and decrease in an 11 year cysle
      • meteor impacts
        • meteor or asteroid can cause material to be thrown into the atmosphere
        • sunlight (energy) can be blocked out
      • volcanic eruptions
        • large volumes of material into atmosphere
        • block out sunlight


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