Climate of Antarctica

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  • It is a DESERT
    • Antarctica - Climate
      • Strong KATABATIC WINDS
        • Can reach 200-300kph. pressure gradient between land and ocean. Air moves towards the ocean = 'wind chill'
      • It is VERY COLD
        • Average temp is -49 degrees Celsius.
        • Ice and snow has a high albedo.
        • Altitude - for every 100m rise = -1 degree. Antarctica is 2300m above sea level/
        • Latitude
        • Distance from the sea.
      • The Southern Ocean
        • A circompolar body of water that encircles Antarctica.
        • The Antarctic Circumpolar Current - blocks warmer water travelling South. Travels in an eastwards direction, caused by westerly winds.
        • The Antarctic Convergence Zone - meeting of warm surface water from North with cold Antarctic water. Located 60 degrees south. There is an up-welling of nutrient rich cold water - phytoplankton thrives and so provides food for Krill.
      • Micro-climatic conditions and topography allow some land to be free from ice in the summer. The West Antarctic Peninsula is one of the fastest warming areas on Earth.
    • less than 166mm of precipitation.
    • Cold air can't hold as much moisture
    • Dominance of high pressure zones.


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