Climate Change 2

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  • Climate Change 2
    • What gases make up our atmosphere?
      • 21% oxygen, 0.03% carbon dioxide, 78% nitrogen, 0.07% water vapor and other gases.
    • What are the greenhouse gases and their sources?
      • Carbon dioxide - Burning fuels, Methane - animals (cows) and decomposition, Nitrous oxide - Engines, Halocarbons - Industry.
    • Explain global warming:
      • the gases in the atmosphere tray the suns heat rays causing the earth to heat up. Also called the greenhouse effect.
    • What is the enhanced greenhouse effect? What thermal expansion?
      • The greenhouse effect working more strongly. Thermal expansion - Sea levels rising as it warms up.
    • What are the different air masses on the UK?
      • Polar Maritime, Arctic maritime, Polar continental, tropical continental, Tropical maritime.
    • What is the UK's climate likely to become?
      • Hot and dry in the summer, and cold and wet with turbulent weather and flooding in the winter.
    • What are maritime and continental climates?
      • Maritime - near the sea, mild and wet, Continental, Dry and extreme.
    • What was the stern review?
      • Nicholas Stern wrote a report on Global Warming, that we should pay to reduce gas emissions to save paying later.
    • What are the costs and benefits of the UK's climate changing?
      • Benefits: heating costs change, less cold related illness, increased tourism, better agriculture, new wildlife.
      • Costs: Droughts, heatstroke/sunburn, tarmac/rail lines, flooding, storms, flood barrier costs.
    • What are the effects of climate change on Egypt?
      • 99% of its people live on 5% of its land, because the Nile is the main water source. Climate change will cause Egypt to flood, and possibly water wars cutting off the Nile.


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